Taking Eastern Branch of Elizabeth River in tow

Published in Inside Business - River Stars 2017

Everybody loves the jaunty sight of a tug boat.  When you see Norfolk Tug's signature red-and-white boats, know they're not just towing cargo.  The company is doing a model job of helping Elizabeth River Project improve the "lost branch" of the Elizabeth, the Eastern Branch.

Located along the Eastern Branch's industrial stretch, Norfolk Tug has earned Model Level River Star Business this year for reducing pollution by a whopping 3 million pounds in one year through super-efficient engines and generators on its tug fleet, while also enhancing native habitat for wildlife and practicing green building techniques.

Three of the tugs are powered by new "tier3" engines, meaning they're the most efficient readily available.  Live oaks, coneflower, golden rod and marsh blazing star have been added to the company landscaping with more than 4,000 square feet of native plantings.  and the company is growing six cages of oysters - that's 6,000 "spat" or young oysters - for placement on sanctuary reefs.