Norfolk-to-Richmond barge service sold to tug company

Published in The Virginian-Pilot

T. Parker Host Inc. has sold the James River Barge Line, a river-based cargo transportation service to be launched between Norfolk and Richmond next month, to Norfolk Tug Co., the companies announced Wednesday.

Norfolk Tug acquired the business within the past week, said Steve McGowan, the company's operations manager. He declined to disclose the purchase price.

The renamed 64 Express barge line will make its inaugural trip Dec. 1 and operate under the same business plan as the James River line, McGowan said. Each week, the barge will haul the equivalent of up to 128 20-foot cargo containers each way along the James River between Norfolk and Richmond. From Richmond, the cargo will travel to stores, factories and other locations by truck. From Norfolk, the cargo will be shipped overseas.

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